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Heyo :wave:
I’m Chris. I reside in Salt Lake City, Utah but I’m originally from the SF Bay and went to school in Southern California. I’m new to Pantheon but Pantheon is not new to me – my phone is currently resting on a Pantheon-branded wireless charger and I have two “I make the internet” t-shirts in the rotation that I’ve gotten from the DevRel team at various events.

I’ve been around the WordPress space for quite a while, starting with working for a little, local WordPress events management plugin called Event Espresso, to writing WordPress courses and tutorial videos for Pluralsight (another local Utah-based company), then getting into #agencylyfe at WebDevStudios and finally Human Made.

I have two teenage kiddos – my son Gavin is 16 and my daughter Lilah is 13 – and an amazing partner and co-parent, Erin, with whom I’ve been married for just about 20 years. My hobbies include music (making and DJing), board games and Dungeons & Dragons (and other tabletop RPGs as well).

Excited to meet all of you!


Welcome to Pantheon, @chris.reynolds! There are many, many folks at Pantheon and in the Pantheon Community that love tabletop RPGs. I have a feeling you’ll fit in well :slight_smile:


Wooohooo welcome to the party @chris.reynolds! :party_dancer_shark: I must admit I am pretty stoked to have another DJ here at Pantheon! Thanks for dropping your music, I am for sure going to jam to it this afternoon when I have working time :clap:

Also just wanted to say how excited we are to have you here in our community as well! Thanks for popping into share a little more about yourself and of course what brings you here. Looking forward to getting to know you better!


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Happy to be here and excited to meet everyone!

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