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Survey Closing Soon: Let Us Know How We Can Make This Community a Better Place!

Hey friends! :wave:

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend! Just a friendly reminder— you have until EOD Friday September 11th to provide your feedback.

Your responses are incredibly valuable in helping us discover who is part of our wonderful community! By getting to know each of you a little more, we we will be able to deliver a more valuable user experience overall–serving you content [blogs, threads, events, etc.] you want to see more [or less] of. Trust us, we plan to make some big changes with all of the wonderful feedback already provided!

For those of you who want to provide feedback but haven’t had a chance to do so–here it is! :arrow_down:

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns please let us know! :heart:
@sparklingrobots, @katie.richards & @McKennaR

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