Support Drush 11 in Autopilot

I noticed in the Autopilot docs that it says it supports Drush 8 and 10. Drush 10 hit its end-of-life in January 2022. When your site uses Drush 11 it still gives the error “We could not run Autopilot because the site is running an unsupported Drush version.” Do you have any idea when Autopilot will be made compatible with Drush 11?

Hi, @DamienMcKenna! Thanks for reaching out on this. I’m reaching out to my team about this and will reach back out as soon as I get more info. Thanks for your patience!

Hi, @DamienMcKenna! Just following up on the above.

To answer your question, Drush 8 is only required if you're not using Integrated Composer (IC), since Drush 9+ removes the ability to update extensions from the CLI (as you are expected to use composer instead).

D9 sites using IC do not require Drush 8. If you’re running into an unexpected error around a Drush version on your IC site, you should open a ticket in case there’s some confluence of edge cases encountered. You can email to open a ticket.

The problem isn’t with Drush 8, the problem is with Autopilot not working if the codebase has been updated to Drush 11, as described in the original request.

Hi, @DamienMcKenna. Did you happen to submit a ticket for this yet? My team is saying that without a specific site + BUGS ticket, it’s harder for them to find + provide an answer.

They did say that if the site is using Drush 11 + a non-IC site, they will not be able to use Autopilot. If you’re using IC + Drush 11, but encountering an error, it’s most likely a bug.

If/once you have a ticket, please share the details with me, so I can flag this with my team + ensure you get help. Thanks!

The “Drush 11 + non-IC site” thing is the problem, it’s a general issue that will affect every Mediacurrent site where we would want to use Autopilot as none of the sites we currently maintain use IC.

Given that Drush 10 is no longer supported, it would be very useful if we could get an official statement on whether this is incompatibility is being left as a purposeful limitation, or if it’s being considered a bug/task that will be dealt with in time.

Thank you.

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Hi, @DamienMcKenna!

After reaching out to my team again, they said that if your site is using Integrated Composer, the Drush version is unimportant, so Drush 10 is supported. If your site is not using Integrated Composer, we use drush pm:update to apply updates with Drush, which was removed in Drush 10+.

We’d need to know more about what you’re currently doing (or were previously doing before switching to Drush 11), if you’re expecting Autopilot to run without either IC or Drush 8.

Thanks for the clarification.

So it comes down to Autopilot assuming that if a codebase doesn’t use the Pantheon build system that it then isn’t using Composer to manage the codebase at all.

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By the way, did you happen to submit a ticket on the issues you’ve been experiencing yet? If so, I can loop in the appropriate folx + make sure you’re getting the help you need there.

I did not, but I know someone else who did - Casey Cobb was in contact with support engineer Adolfo.

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