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Suggestion: Make git commits the default deploy log message on test/live

This is a small, but helpful feature that I think would make some workflow management simpler. Essentially, instead of displaying β€œ(no message)” on the deploy log for the test/live environments, it would display the commit message that shows on the dev environment. This way you do not have to copy/paste your commit before deploying each time.

I will admit that my boss is insistent that we include the commits in the deploy log, so I have a personal bias for adding this feature :slight_smile: I am curious however if there is a reason for not having this already, or if it’s not possible for some other reason.


Thanks for your feedback! While I can’t answer this myself, I will absolutely make sure this gets into the right hands here @dconnor. If the team would like more information, would it be okay to have them reach out?

@McKennaR Yes that’s no problem! Thank you for looking into this.

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Of course, always happy to help! Thank you!