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Suggested corrections for doc: Migrate to Drupal 9 on Pantheon

Hey all.

This is discussion thread regarding the documentation at: Migrate to Drupal 9 on Pantheon

I found a few areas that needed some adjustment to work on my workstation on MacOS.

Everything appeared to go well until I needed to move my composerify changes to the Dev environment. I ran into a permissions issue and needed to change permissions of the sites default directory at web/sites/default. This can be found at: Move composerify to the main dev branch.

I added step 2

1) Retrieve the most recent commit hash from the local composerify branch:
$ git log —format=”%H” -n 1

This will give you a commit hash like fd3636f58f5b275b998bb1c9267bff8808353840.

2) Change Permissions of the sites default directory
$ chmod ug+w web/sites/default

3) Reset the master branch to match that commit then force push that to the Dev environment:
$ git checkout master
$ git reset —hard fd3636f58f5b275b998bb1c9267bff8808353840 #USE YOUR OWN COMMIT HASH
$ git push —force origin master

Now the site’s Dev environment has a Drupal 9 codebase.

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In addition to the above step, I found a typo that will cause issue when changing the upstream HEAD for your Drupal from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9. This can be found here: Change Upstreams.

The direction is as follows:

terminus site:upstream:set $site drupal9

The variable $site which is null so it won’t do anything. It should be $Site as follows:

terminus site:upstream:set $Site drupal9

Thank you for sharing! Tagging some of our wonderful docs teammates for visibility here :slight_smile:

@edwardangert @michalsen @carolyn

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Ohhh I also just found this gem! Looks like you can suggest these changes directly! :partying_face: But either way, the people I tagged below are docs gurus + can help here as well!