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Static Site Generation from Drupal/WordPress?

There is lots of great energy around using tools like GatsbyJS/Next.js/Hugo to generate static pages from Drupal/WordPress. It is still early days with a lot of these technologies and we have seen many different approaches to making this work, but was wondering what folks are finding success with now:

– Drupal vs WordPress - How do you choose which CMS to use for your Decoupled/SSG projects? Is it based on your own expertise or are there specific features you depend on to make this all work?

– Non-Drupal/WordPress CMS - Have you explored Headless CMS technologies? Contentful is probably the biggest commercial offering, but LOTS of other options are out there. What is good / worth mentioning?

– GraphQL vs JSON vs ??? - When running a CMS in a headless mode, how do you get data out of the system? Do you have strong reasons to prefer GraphQL over JSON? Are other approaches good?

– Javascript Framework - Do you find certain JS frameworks to be better for Headless CMS than others? React + Vue.js seem to work decently well, but do folks have strong preferences/reasons for choosing?