Solving upstream update conflicts

Hi all! I’m a web designer and I have two clients set up in Pantheon. They have been updating their Wordpress core from WP-Admin, which is causing me problems when I try to apply upstream updates for them. I’ve received guidance from support on how to solve this, but their advice is above my level of abilities. Each time I try to use terminal to check out conflicts, I can’t find any (even though Pantheon tells me they are there!). At this stage, I’m looking for somebody who can solve the issue for me ( and i will re-educate my clients on applying future updates!). Any recommendations on where I could go to hire a Pantheon expert? I haven’t had luck on Upwork. Or maybe somebody here, reading this now, would be happy to work with me? Please let me know. Thanks!

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Hi, @EmerK! Thanks for reaching out. I’m asking my team now and will follow-up with you once I hear back with some suggestions and help.

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Thank you @vee.vopham

Hi, @EmerK! Just following up on this. After checking with the team, I wanted to see if you already have an open ticket with Pantheon Support. If so, I can check in with our support team and see if if the person helping you could dig more into this or provide more direct support.

Also, because it sounds like you’d need longer-term help/support, I encourage you to check out our partner directory (you can explore our agency partners and find one with the appropriate skills to help you on your project) and the #jobs channel in our Community Slack (you can post about your issue and that you’re looking to hire a Pantheon expert, and I’m sure someone from our community would be willing to help out). FYI, know that there are apps available out there that can help with Git merge conflicts. Someone from our team has used Sublime Merge before.

HI @vee.vopham. I had chat support with Hameed, Rajin, Rabikul and Orlando. All of them tried to help me, and either the steps they gave me didn’t work for me, or, in the case of Orlando, I was told this could be resolved by waiting for the next round of updates, which I did, and it didn’t solve anything. I also tried all the steps in the Pantheon support documentation and it didn’t work. I will try the Community Slack to find somebody who can help me. Thank you

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Hi, @EmerK. Thanks for providing the extra info. Could you share the ticket number? That’ll make it easier to look up your issue. Or did you get help via chat? Thanks!

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@vee.vopham it was all via chat

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Thanks for confirming, @EmerK! Just an update: I was able to get in touch with Rajin, one of the CSEs you spoke to before. They are currently trying to solve the issue on a multi dev and will try to share the best possible solution. I’ll let you know when I get an update from them.

@EmerK, update: Rajin is going to create a ticket for you on this issue. I’ve already shared your email ( so you can get notified with any new updates.

@EmerK, just in case you didn’t get this yet, the ticket number that was opened for your issue is #653300. You can access the ticket through your Pantheon dashboard.

If you can’t access the ticket information via your dashboard, let me know. I’m happy to also paste the workaround instructions here.