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Solr search and WordPress/WooCommerce integration


New to both Pantheon and Solr, I have a couple of questions for the WordPress intgeration and Solr plugin setup.

Client has added custom product fields in WC. I see 2 locations where this could be added in the Pantheon Solr plugin…

A. Indexing Options > Index custom fields (comma separated names list)
B. Facet Options > Custom fields as Facet (comma separated ordered names list)
And just add text names? Or more technical, like database field name (ex: name=“inStock”)

And please don’t assume I know what the heck is a Facet, LOL.

Client wants Solr for better search for products. How do I implement this for WC products search? Does it need to be separate from the WP search. Looks like through the plugin, I can exlcude all pages, so that’s not an issue if it’s easier one way or the other.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

Hi! Regarding indexing vs facets,

  • adding a custom field to the index tells Solr to learn about what that’s stored in that field so it can be used for searching. For example, adding an “ingredients” custom field for a recipe site would make it possible for people to search for recipes that include garlic.
  • A Facet is something a person searching can filter by. For example on your recipe site you might have a list of recipe categories (breads, vegetables, savory dishes) as a facet, so people can filter by items in that list: “I just want to see recipes for savory dishes”.

Here’s a Youtube video on WCSolr implementations for WooCommerce sites: