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So this week I was in San Francisco

And, naturally, I had to pick up some Rice-A-Roni and ride a cable car…


Funny, I was also in San Francisco that week!


That’s a great photo @david.needham

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That’s hilarious—I think they should be selling boxes so that all tourists can take this photo.

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Has anyone determined the best Karaoke establishments yet? @mcdwayne

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@mcdwayne is definitely the right person to answer that question!

What does ‘best’ mean here?
My go to places are on Wednesdays
and last Friday of the month is PUNK ROCK N SCHLOCK KARAOKE at Benders

There is a lot of other Karaoke here too.

Nice, I should be making my way out in that direction in the (hopefully near) future when I get an RV.

Have you mapped out Seattle yet?