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So I've been super (an understatement) frustrated moving an existing dev Drupal project to Pantheon

I’ve used numerous hosting companies, and in my day job I use Acquia, but I have a number of colleagues on “team Pantheon” and I’ve met y’all at many Drupal camps/cons, so decided to host my latest side-client on Pantheon.
It’s been under (solo) local development for the better part of year, first under ADD (as that’s what was convenient), then I migrated it to Lando. But getting it to work with Pantheon has been frustrating, as I did not start with project/git with Pantheon’s Drupal structure in mind.

I managed to get a multi-dev under a branch working, but after merging in that branch into main * (and removing files and all the other obvious “disallowed” files/dirs), I still get:

Contains changes to pantheon.upstream.yml which is reserved for the exclusive use of the upstream.
But my repo never contained this file.

And also

Contains changes to one of the reserved files paths: [‘sites/default/files’, ‘wp-content/uploads’, ‘web/sites/default/files’, ‘web/wp-content/uploads’]
But I’m removed files from git cache, and have updated .gitignore to exclude it and the others.

  • I have to map local branch main (gitlab default branch nowadays) to master on the remote because y’all can’t deal with anything else… seems like that’s a pretty easy thing to handle.

It’s me again! I am so sorry you are having issues here Todd. I have tagged on a few team members here internally to see if they can provide some additional support/help.

Hey Todd!

So I chatted with someone in DevRel earlier about this + they said this definitely seems odd. He suggested submitting a support ticket so the team could do some additional digging here.

You can open a chat with someone here. But in the meantime, I will continue to do some digging/asking around on my end. Hopefully this helps!

I was distracted for the holidays and working on things I can control, like updating the site to D9.

Perhaps I’m approaching this wrong. Is there a Pantheon doc that walks one through moving an existing site to Pantheon?

Hi, @todd.zebert! Happy New Year! Hope you had a nice, relaxing holiday.

See here for a doc on moving existing sites to Pantheon. Do note that there are specific instructions depending on if you’re migrating a WordPress or Drupal site, so you’ll want to click on the “Drupal” section, as you’re migrating a dev Drupal project. Our team also recommends that you check out the Drupal 9 migration guide. Let me know if you need anything else/have other questions. Happy migrating!

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While I’ve just reviewed those docs and related, meanwhile I’d managed to get my D8 site to Pantheon, and even update it to D9. Still some issues to work out but it’s working on Dev.
It seems, in retrospect, it was all the Pantheon bells-n-whistles: upstream repos, 1-click upgrades, “unusual” site structure, UI/dashboard stuff… and I all I really wanted was to install and manage my site with composer, and just git push it and have it work.
I’m sure many appreciate the hand-holding and slick UI, but I’m command prompt driven. Y’all need an “expert mode” that doesn’t make that harder.

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Hi, @todd.zebert. Thanks for sharing your feedback. I’ll make sure to bring this to my team’s attention tomorrow. Also, know that you can always share feedback/feature requests in the Product Feedback & Feature Requests category of our Forum site. Doing so will help us more easily keep track of and prioritize the different product/feature requests and feedback coming from our community.

And just confirming, do you need any additional support and/or help finding other resources?

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Not at this time, thanks.


No worries Todd! Your feedback will still be shared internally. We just wanted to share with you in case something else comes to mind :slight_smile: Thanks for providing feedback!

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