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Site Speed Plugin Suggestions?

Looking for recommendations on plugins or optimizations for increasing load time. Including things like: leverage browser caching, css/js minify, etc. that do not conflict with pre-existing pantheon infrastructure.

Offload your caching to a service like Cloudflare. You’ll also get the added benefit of a WAF. Cloudflare supports HTTP/2, so you won’t need to concatenate your scripts/stylesheets. We’ve been on Cloudflare for over two years and have been very happy.


Do you mind me asking what plan you are using with Cloudflare? We have the Business Plan, but I am wondering if the Pro plan would be a better for with Pantheon since they already handle the CDN amd SSL certs and so on.

We’re on the Business plan. We’ve been on it since before Pantheon added their own CDN and certs, etc. I probably should reassess our plan again. Thanks for planting that seed.

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I installed a security logging plugin that showed me a lot of failed logins, so I will be adding Cloudflare Firewall back to my site. Thanks for the feedback.

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I have used WP Rocket on my Pantheon site. It reverts to the native Pantheon caching but you are still able to use the minification, preloading, and other features.

It’s more UX than actual speed increases, but we use Google’s Quicklink for Drupal and it works great. It essentially preloads pages that the user may click on next. But it’s smart - only does it on faster connections, etc. There appears to be one for WordPress as well:

You can definitely use CloudFlare, but Pantheon also supports HTTP/2 and has SSL certificates included as well. CloudFlare does offer a lot of other features, though. At the time you set CloudFlare up (a few years ago), @kurtschlatzer, Pantheon did not offer these features, it’s likely.

As far as improving overall site performance, I think the biggest thing is to leverage CDN caching. Even if a page takes almost a second to be generated, the CDN can return that same page to the next visitor in a tenth of a second.

Autoptimize is one of the best, configure it to optimise your css, html and JS and you will see great improvements. The latest version of this plugin also has a lazy load feature for images which works a treat. Combine this with wp-redis and the results speak for themselves. If you have the budget, Imgix is a fantastic service for serving images and I’ve seen impressive results switching to this.

Of course nothing beats straight up optimising your code to begin with, I would recommend analysing New Relics logs to see where your choke points are after you’ve configured the above.

Pantheon have a great article on this as a starting point -

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