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Should I stay or should I go? 🎵

Hi folks! I’m a happy Pantheon user outside Boston who’s wondering whether the time has come to scale back on how sophisticated my website hosting is, due to changes in my one-person business … in other words, should I stay or should I go back to something like Bluehost.

I’ll post my questions in the WordPress section.


Just wanted to say hi here as well as the other thread you posted.

Obviously I’m a bit biased toward staying on Pantheon. :slight_smile: Keep letting us know how we can unblock your workflow and get you humming along!

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From my other thread, to stay on topic over there -

If you think it’s fun getting the marketing people to be more patient-centered, imagine how much fun it is to influence the thinking of clinicians who have been trained that patients are idiots (which some are), and who themselves are under immense pressure from insurance-driven supervisors … anyway for anyone who wants it, my TED Talk is here