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Share Your Pet Photos!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with dogs. SO my favorite thing to do is see and hear about other peoples dogs & pets — share your pet photos!

I have two doggies — Sophie (Golden Retriever) & Chloe (Goldendoodle)


@tessak22 how do you feel about upside-down dog faces?

Or dogs tucked in?

Or fashionable doggos?

OMG! I love them. How adorable is he/she?! :heart:

Bailey is totes adorbs. While not my dog per say, I look after her in the afternoons while her hooman is at work.

I haven’t had a dog of my own since my childhood pet, Little Bear (named as such because he looked like a bear cub as a pup, and having no knowledge of the children’s show of same name):


Our Sheltie, Adolin. Yes, he’s that fab IRL.


Oh my goodness, he is SO cute. My grandparents used to have a sheltie, she was an amazing dog.

This is our family dog, Copper, a Golden Retriever, who is either 100% crazy or napping. Truly a binary dog. :wink:


@purdy OMG Copper is ADORABLE! Golden Retrievers are my absolute favorite dog breed. I have a golden now and a goldendoodle, I was hoping for the same amazing personality as a golden, but smaller size, in the doodle. I was way off. I love love love my doodle, but she is nothing like the pure love personality that Goldens have.

So, while everyone else is up in Seattle … here are my hounds hanging on their Florida porch.


Hey Don, are your dogs Scottish deer hounds, Irish wolf hounds, or something else entirely?

Very good eye! We have four wolfhounds, one deerhound (peering over our wheaton, all the way in the back). Life is never dull.

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That looks like a big wheaten terrier!
Beautiful dogs. We have border terriers and Labs, ten altogether.

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I spent a half hour today worried that my cat had gotten out of the house (indoor cat with no collar), only to discover this:


I always love sharing this photo of my cat who had to get some minor procedure done at the vet involving lasers. So, of course they gave her amazing goggles to wear. :slight_smile:


Hi guys. Buddy wanted to say hi!

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I love this thread, so many cute pets!

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Buddy wanted everyone to know that he’s optimistic about the future.

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Awww little guy! What happened?!

Prior to his surgery, it seemed like bad hemorrhoid that wasn’t improving.

There’s a technical term though, more details [here…] (

Aside from a shaved behind… He’s back to normal and the surgery was a success.

Thanks for asking!

Oh no! But I am super glad he is doing better and the surgery was a success! :slight_smile: