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Hey community friends! :wave:

Being fairly new to the WordPress community, I am excited to announce that I have attended my third WordCamp last week! Last week I had the opportunity to attend WordCamp Phoenix :cactus: :sunny: I had tons of awesome conversations & got to attend a few really interesting sessions. It was memorable to say the least!

I would love to see some fun photos from WordCamps you’ve attended in the past. I will continue to share all my memorable moments/photos here, as well as awesome photos snapped at events we sponsor.

To get this party started, here is one of my favorites from WordCamp Phoenix! We clearly don’t have any fun :yum::point_down:

:camera: : @sparklingrobots @fatima.khalid @katie.richards @dgorton [Not tagged: John, Raymond & Matt from our wonderful Sales & Customer Experience teams]

The encounter that would change my WordPress community trajectory was at a WordCamp that I didn’t even go to! My husband went to WordCamp San Francisco 2014, 3 weeks after our second child was born. I was fine at home and glad he could go to the event he’d been looking forward to.
A community member I had never met knew we’d just had a child and surprised my husband with several WordPress baby onesies. I was so touched that someone who didn’t know our family terribly well would want to send home a gift for our child. I remember thinking, “Huh, this group of people genuinely care about each other” and time hasn’t changed that perception one bit!

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That is the absolute CUTEST thing I think I have ever seen!