Sequel Ace and tunneling

Has someone here made tunneling work with Sequel Ace.
While my tunnel effort based on did not error out, the subsequent call to the MySQL server returns (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’. That suggests that my tunnel didn’t work.
Based on the docs it would appear this ought to work under the SSH mode:
MySql host: localhost
username: pantheon
pw: the pw from the dashboard for MySQL
database: pantheon
port 13587, or should this be 2222?
ssh host:
ssh user: my pantheon username
ssh key: key that matches what I pasted in my dashboard account
ssh port: 2222

What worked for you?, sam

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You don’t need an SSH tunnel to connect. You can connect directly using the connection string from connection:info

I’ve also found this error can happen if the site goes dormant. In that case, hit the site in a browser to wake it up, clear terminus cache, re-fetch the connection info, and try again.

For me, I use Sequel Pro, which accepts a connection definition from the command line, so of course there’s a terminus plugin to do just that: GitHub - terminus-plugin-project/terminus-pancakes-plugin: Terminus Plugin to open Pantheon Site Databases in your Favorite SQL Client

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Hi, Sam! Thanks for raising your question here. And thanks Aaron for chiming in! I’ve also reached out to my team to see if others have experience using Sequel Ace for tunneling + could share their insights/tips. More soon!

Hi, Sam! One of my colleagues shared that only sites running Secure Runtime Access (SRA) can use Sequel Ace to SSH tunnel. Here’s a doc with more info on how to enable SRA: