Send billing communications to site partners

Currently billing communication emails such as that are sent when a site’s traffic has been high enough to merit being automatically bumped to a higher tier are only sent to the site owners.

This makes sense in theory since they’re paying the bill, but if such emails are not properly seen/understood, then the owner can end up with unexpected bills; it’s also likely that the same reasons will mean they won’t notice this for multiple months. We had this happen for one of the sites we maintain, whose owner is a small local charity organisation with limited funds and staff, and the leading traffic was from remote countries (so was not legitimate/useful traffic).

If partners could also receive these emails, it would make it easier for us to help ensure our clients don’t end up with unexpected bills, and to better anticipate the needs of their sites.

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This is a good suggestion. There have been a lot of problems on Pantheon for small nonprofits in the last 2 years. It used to be a great solution for us but they are focused on more profitable customers now.

Some more discussion of these challenges is here: Tips for making site traffic stats more accurate

Also there’s a #nonprofits channel in Pantheon Community Slack: Slack

Thanks for sharing your feature request with us, @G-Rath, + thanks @ruby for expressing support for it! I’ve shared this with our Product Team + will be sure to share any updates. I appreciate your patience + help improving our products + services!

Hi, @G-Rath + @ruby! I wanted to share a quick update on this: I’ve touched base with our Product Team on this request, + it’s been submitted as a feature request. So, it’s now on our Product Team’s radar. If there are any any updates to this, I’ll be sure to share them. Thank you both again for sharing your feedback!