Saying Goodbye to Some Incredibly Talented Pantheors ❤

As many of you already know, yesterday was a challenging day for many here at Pantheon. As you can imagine, the decision to let people go is never easy. Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to some really amazing teammates who over the years have truly become more like family.

@katie.richards + @vee.vopham were sadly amongst those goodbyes, alongside other members of the Developer Relations team, @NineLivesBlackCat + @alexmoreno. Each of these wonderful team members have helped support you all over the years here in our community.

These decisions were not made lightly by leadership, and our focus right now is making sure we do right by the people who were impacted by this change. This includes supporting them on the next step of their career journey. Your passion for collaboration and the open source potential remain the Pantheon heartbeat. And I want you to know how much we value you being part of our Community.

For additional context, please refer to this Slack thread posted by Josh Koenig earlier this afternoon. Please know I am here for you all, in whatever capacity that may look like. I look forward to continuing to get to know all of the wonderful people who make this community so special! :heart:

Pantheon Community Manager

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