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Remote Work Tips and Music Recommendations

In this odd time, many of us are working remotely and that can be a tricky thing to do. I thought it may be a good idea to share some tips and tricks as well as some music I’ve been listening to while I code. Hopefully this helps others. Feel free to chime in with your own tips and music suggestions!

  • Routines are always a good idea when it comes to working from home. It may take a few days to figure out the best routine, but if you can stick to a schedule with planned breaks, exercise, and time away from the screen, it makes it much easier to know what to expect.
  • Set up a dedicated space for working if you can - this can be tricky if you don’t have an extra room in your house, but if you can even dedicate a specific area like a part of the kitchen table it makes it easier to know when you are working and where all of your work-related tools are.
    -Stay in touch with coworkers - via Slack, Teams, Discord, or another chat service, it’s important to stay in touch at least a few times a day. Even if you chat about non-work related things, it helps keep you community together and connected.
  • Listen to some good music! For me, I love having some ambient / chill on in the background while I code, but others may like classical, trance, or rock. Here are some of my latest favorites:
  1. Tycho, ambient rock, no vocals for the most part -
  2. Delerium, electronic with new age influences -
  3. SomaFM - Tons of great stations here, my favorites include Groove Salad and Space Station Soma -

Stay safe everyone!


@CodeChefMarc Love this idea!


  • I have been a Soma fan for a long time–Secret Agent is my personal fave :male_detective:
  • When I notice my anxiety rising I have a playlist of songs I like to dance to. Standing desk + this playlist = dance party.
  • If I’m coding, I have this…shall we say eclectic? playlist of mostly modern classical music.

Two other things I rely on really heavily:

  • Timers (frequently pomodoro-style): Helps me break up the day into manageable chunks
  • Preventing WALLS OF MEETINGS by holding time on my calendar or asking a colleague to reschedule

I love this! Thanks for sharing some of your tips/tricks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I also figured I would share some fitness hacks/ways to stay active during this lockdown. Here are some of the awesome freebies I have come across. Hopefully others find this helpful too! :point_down:

Also if you’re an arts & crafts junkie like me, check out Brit&Co! They are offering free classes until March 31st! Go to and use the code SELFCARE at checkout.

Stay creative + safe friends! :heart:


We just went live with a blog post of tips on giving remote presentations:

Some helpful stuff in there!


I, too, have dancing music available for destressing myself. There is nothing like a 2 song dance break to make you feel better about life