Redis maxing out on Pantheon, any one else facing this issue?

Does anyone have any issue with Redis maxing out and having to clear it manually to keep site performance up?

I’m running into that issue where we are needing to clear reddis every few days… usually the memory is at 280mb when that happens.

When we need to clear it, we pulled the stats and noted the following

keys mem clients blocked requests connections
115317 288.91M 1 0 15806500 (+0) 712339

After we clear it and the site is performant again, we have these numbers

keys mem clients blocked requests connections
643 26.30M 2 0 2907303 (+0) 124794

Thanks in advance!

Hi James! Thanks for reaching out about this issue you’re having. I’m sharing this with the team + seeing if someone can help! More soon, thanks!