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Read-only access to MySQL database - alternatives?

Hi everyone

I note in the help article about MySQL database access (, the very last Q&A is:

Can I create another database user?

No, Pantheon only provides one database user. Some customers have asked about creating a read-only user to provide read but not write access to the database. Consider creating an API or JSON-request application to provide access to the required information.

I’d like to respectfully push back a little on this. Why isn’t this supported? I’d like to be able to bring some Drupal data into a BI tool for analysis - and a direct DB link is the quickest and easiest way to do that. I’m not going to use my admin read/write account because I know better than that … but it’s a tempting workaround.

On the other hand - has anyone else solved this use case with something clever that they’d like to share?