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Re: Varnish module for Drupal 8

Our website built on Drupal Core is 8.9.13. We installed
By joshk on 7 August 2009, updated 28 July 2018

This is the information of this module contributor “Drupal 8 version need some major work, for now we recommend using Purge module with the Varnish purge module…”

so, we installed the following two modules:

Purge (purge-8.x-3.2.tar.gz)
By SqyD on 31 January 2011, updated 22 May 2020

Varnish purger (varnish_purge-8.x-2.1.tar.gz)
By MiSc on 25 June 2016, updated 29 February 2020

Here is the STATUS of the Purgers “There is no purger loaded which means that you need a module enabled to provide a purger plugin to clear your external cache or CDN.”

Home > Administration > Configuration > Development > Performance

Please advise what else is required to do in order to load the Purgers?

Sharing this answer from the slack thread:

The recommendation is to use the Pantheon advanced page cache module.
Pantheon Advanced Page Cache |

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Thanks for sharing this!