Q3 2022 Product + Features Announcement - Check Out What’s New at Pantheon! 🎉

Q3 2022 Product + Features Announcement - Check Out What’s New at Pantheon! :tada:

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes on a suite of WebOps platform features and product enhancements to help you launch fast, automate work, and deliver engaging visitor experiences. Learn more about these exciting enhancements that will help make your digital presence extraordinary.

  • New modern and easy-to-use dashboard: We’re excited to announce all users will be transitioned to our newly redesigned Dashboard by September 30, 2022. With the new dashboard, users can quickly find their most-loved features like site portfolio list, site creation controls, Autopilot, and Multidev. To share your experience with our team, select “Share Feedback” from the dropdown within your dashboard.
  • Decouple your site with front-end frameworks: Pantheon Decoupled Sites are available now! Level up user experience, resilience, and results with Early Access to decoupled architectures that pair front-end framework support and a headless open source CMS on a single platform! Join the #front-end-frameworks channel of our Developer Community Slack to share your experience, connect with other users, or chat with one of our Pantheon experts.
  • Optimize spend by understanding what drives cost: The Site Portfolio Report makes it easy to understand charges on your invoice, broken down by site, so you can know how various factors and events contribute to cost.
  • Faster and more secure connection: Pantheon’s CDN now includes the latest TLS version, TLS 1.3, which speeds up connections between endpoints and website infrastructure and makes connections more secure.
  • Ensure optimal website functionality and excellent user experience: With Autopilot Environment Syncing, you can be sure your environments are updated with the latest Live content before Autopilot runs, and you can leverage our advanced visual regression testing tools to compare changes. Join the #autopilot channel to share your experience with our team, connect with other AutoPilot users, or chat with a Pantheon expert.

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