Q1 2023 Product + Features Announcement - Check Out What’s New at Pantheon! 🎉

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes on a suite of WebOps platform features and product enhancements to help you improve the agility of your digital experience creation, content delivery, and development processes. :rocket: Learn more about these exciting enhancements that will help make your digital presence extraordinary. :point_down:

  • Pantheon Learning: This is your one-stop training hub to learn about the Pantheon Platform through self-paced courses and virtual instructor-led training. Enterprises will find everything they need to know to create, launch, and manage their sites on Pantheon.
  • Front-End Sites UX Improvements: Recent enhancements to Front-End Sites deliver key CMS functionality, accelerate time to value for new users, and improve the development and editorial experiences. Join the #front-end-frameworks channel of our Developer Community Slack to share your experience, connect with other users, or chat with one of our Pantheon experts.
  • Enterprise Billing Center: Now, invoices and Site Portfolio Reports will come right to your Pantheon Dashboard via the new Enterprise Billing Center. Available to all standard-billing contract customers and special-term GCP customers, the Enterprise Billing Center provides detailed invoice reporting along with data visualizations showing how each website contributes to overall cost.
  • Autopilot Enhancements: More flexibility to perform additional testing, share Multidev updates for stakeholders reviews, or wait to merge updates until a specific time of day is now possible with the latest Autopilot enhancements. Join the #autopilot Slack channel to connect with other users on everything Autopilot!
  • Site Listing Performance: With this latest release, the Site listing page loads 66% faster for customers managing large portfolios of 1,000 websites or more.

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Drop it in the #general Slack channel or shoot us an email at Community@pantheon.io, and we will make sure to get right back to you!

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