Q1 2022 Product Announcement - New Technology Partner Directory and Product Enhancements

Big news from Pantheon! Today, we announce our new Technology Partner Directory, which connects digital teams with a range of solutions that accelerate time to market and deliver extraordinary digital experiences. It also complements our Agency Directory, where you can find talented partners to build bespoke and differentiated software to power your digital experiences.

In addition to the Technology Partner Directory, we launched several feature enhancements that enable WebOps teams to execute with the confidence that enhanced security brings, streamline site management, and capitalize on the latest platform updates:

  • Advanced Global CDN Rate Limiting: Organizations of all sizes can adopt this Early Access feature to guard against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. This added edge configuration strengthens security by throttling malicious traffic, including brute-force login and denial-of-service attacks on sensitive assets like login, form, and promotional pages.
  • Autopilot Productivity Statistics: Autopilot users now gain visibility into the productivity improvements their organizations are achieving, with available usage statistics, including total hours saved, number of core and plugin updates applied, and number of sites using Autopilot
  • Interactive Invoice Report: Website portfolio composition and platform utilization is now easier with a snapshot view of all sites, new additions, and updates that make it simple to explore site details, to filter by site owner and site plan, and search by site name.
  • Terminus 3 and PHP 8: With the version 3 update, Pantheon’s command-line interface, Terminus, a critical tool for automation and connecting Pantheon to continuous integration workflows, now runs on the latest version of PHP—bringing improved performance and installation support.

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