Put the Pantheon Domain Masking module on d.o and/or Packagist

The Pantheon Domain Masking module, found at GitHub - pantheon-systems/pantheon_domain_masking: Domain Masking helper module for D8 is sometimes required for Pantheon sites. Most people will want to add this as a dependency in composer, however the module hasn’t been submitted to drupal.org or Packagist so that it’s easy to include.

Right now, if I need the module for a project, I need to manually add the git repo to my repositories section in my composer.json and then I can require it. Adding the module to drupal.org would make it easier for people to install with just a composer require.

See: Please publish this to Drupal.org? · Issue #9 · pantheon-systems/pantheon_domain_masking · GitHub

Thank you for sharing this! We meet with our product team monthly to surface feedback + feature requests like these that come through our community. So I will make sure to share this with the team + if I can provide an update I will. Thanks for weighing in! :slight_smile:

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