Provide an easily automated way to check on pantheon status

We tend to deploy pretty often, and have managed to try to deploy a few times while there’s a terminus or dashboard outage happening. This causes some uncertainty on the reliability of the deployment process. We are heading towards automating our dev, test, live deployments via GH actions and terminus.

I would love to see an endpoint that reported simply if there are any issues that might affect deployments. This would be all categories except maybe, “support tickets” “support Chat” “Billing Operations”. I know there’s a webhook option for subscribing to updates, but that would require us setting up our own app to respond to the hooks and keep track of state for incidences.

You many have already done this, but I was able to integrate StatusPage with my organization’s Slack so that I get posts in there as soon as the status page changes.

Here’s a screenshot from

Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 11.46.23 AM

That’s where I can get the webhooks too, but I’m looking to integrate checking this in our automated deployment scripts so a human doesn’t have to remember to check slack or the status page manually before deploying.

@jrearick-pfg the Status page is available as JSON:

If you are using Github Actions, the default ubuntu-latest runner comes with jq, so you can easily request and parse this endpoint in your CI script prior to your operations and bail if there is an outage. It’s broken out so you can check the status of the platform components individually if you want. Example:

curl -s | jq '.components'

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woah, nice! I think that gets me what I need!