Problems when installing the Commerce Kickstart using the Drupal 9 tutorial

Hello everyone,

I hope that this is the right venue for asking this kind of questions.

I want to set up the Commerce Kickstart on Pantheon, and I have managed to get quite far until I hit the following issues.

I have followed 1-to-1 the steps of this tutorial : Create a Drupal 9 Site Using a Drupal Distribution and the tutorial part itself has worked without any issues.

My current step is that during the installation of the website on Pantheon, I see that the Commerce Kickstart can not access the private folder and also the /sites/default/settings.php configuration file.

In addition to the access problems, I see that in the PHP errors log, there are several PHP errors which I don’t know how to troubleshoot/investigate.

My questions:

  1. Did I follow the right tutorial for setting the Commerce Kickstage on Pantheon? Is there an easier or an alternative way for accomplishing this?

  2. When the tutorial is the right one, what can I do to overcome these problems?

  3. Regarding the PHP errors: what can I do to report them somewhere or debug/investigate them myself?

I would be thankful for any pointers or any advice.

Thank you.

Hi @mettta,

When you are running the Drupal installer, are you in SFTP mode? It looks as if it is attempting to write in a git-protected environment.

Also, for the PHP errors, have you downloaded the php log from the server?

Here are some docs for reference:


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