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Primary domain live url exclusion

Love, love love the new Primary Domain feature. However, I think it would be great to see a way to exclude the live-<site> URL from this platform redirection. It would be nice to be able to fall back to the URL in the case of DNS issues with the primary domain or even something as major as a failed renewal.


Hi @jfoust,

Thanks for the feedback! In the rare case of a DNS issue or a failed renewal, you could remove the primary domain, which will make the platform domain ( accessible. Do you think that would meet your needs? Or can you shed more light on what you mean by fall back?

Remove primary domain via Terminus:
terminus domain:primary:remove site.env

Coming to dashboard soon =)

Ari Gold
Product Manager | Pantheon

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Hi @ari

I think removing would be fine if an issue does arise where there are DNS issues with the primary domain. This is doubly fine when we can change the primary domain through the dashboard. The only time I may see a weakness with the changes is if we’re in a situation where Terminus isn’t available (traveling, etc.), but the Dashboard is simply through a browser.


Product Update:

We now have planned work to always exclude the platform domain from redirects to the primary domain.

We made this decision as a quick way to resolve two issues:

  • Quicksilver not working if primary domain is set
  • False positive of downtime for uptime metrics (e.g. if non-existent domain is added as primary domain)

If we find that people expect the platform domain to be redirected, is a source of confusion or other issues then we’ll consider maintain the redirect when requesting the platform domain and implement another solution to resolve the two issues listed above. If you have an opinion on this feature, please let us know!

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I can’t personally think of any scenario where I’d expect the platform domain to redirect.

When is this change planned? I just noticed (oopsie) that none of my Quicksilver scripts are firing. I cleaned up redirects in settings.php, so I can’t disable primary domain and I don’t like that my db sanitizations are no longer happening.