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Pricing Plan Alternative: Consumption Based Payments

Right now, Pantheon’s Performance Plan charges based on Monthly Active Users (MAU). For some companies that’s awesome - but I think other companies would like an alternative.

I would love to see something, like how Google charges Pantheon for hosting, where we pay per machine hour & machines scale up/down based on utilization.

The MAU pricing strategy has two drawbacks:

  • A website that only has 5 static pages & a business model that would never do ecom has to pay the same as a website using every WordPress plugin in existance, if they both have the same MAU
  • There’s little incentive for a company to optimize its site performance (whereas a consumption-based model is a win/win/win because less CPU usage saves Pantheon money, saves the customer money, and renders the site faster to the end-user)

For longer term relationships, something like “Reserved Instances” would let Pantheon’s users pre-pay for expected allocations and then have monthly true-ups for bursty moments.

Sorry we missed this! This is great feedback --I am passing over to the team for consideration. Thanks for weighing in!