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Pantheon WebOps.21 Summit CFPs Closing August 20th ⚡

Happy Friday Eve friends! We made it :partying_face:

Just wanted to share a friendly reminder :reminder_ribbon: We are looking for a diverse panel of speakers to present at our very first, industry event happening Sept. 28 + 29. If you are interested in submitting a session, please note CFPS will close promptly on August 20th

Everyone is welcome to attend + of course submit! Session tracks will include Business , Technical , and Website Owner. Categories and their details are listed below.

Decoupled & Emerging Technologies:
Dive into how you’re using Decoupled or other advanced technologies to deliver highly performant, highly engaging websites.

Performance & Optimization Tips:
Show how your team uses automation, scripting, composer and command line tools for innovative builds in WordPress and Drupal.

Data Privacy & Security:
Question what we do with customer information, and explore ways to implement data privacy at the application and CMS layers.

Personalization & Putting Customers First:
Show how you’re defining customer experience with your websites.

Overcoming Barriers to Agility:
Offer transparency into how your web team collaborates and moves with agility.

Accessibility & Inclusivity in Tech:
Inspire us to improve the way we tackle accessibility and inclusivity in tech.

Your Website As a Growth Engine:
Present your website as a workhorse that drives real business results.

Environmental Impact of Websites:
Engage us in a conversation around the environmental considerations of your websites.

Submit to Speak Here :party_dancer_shark:

Questions or Concerns?

Drop them below or shoot me a DM on Slack + I will be more than happy to help :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see you all there!