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Pantheon Localdev Power Users Pre-Release

Help us test our new Local Development tool called Localdev!

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Any plans for Linux release? What’s the back-end tech?

@RHL That is a great question for @joshkoenig

We’ve been using Lando with Pantheon recipes. While I am sure this is awesome, I’m wondering what would want to make me change.

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Nothing. Localdev is intended for those that prefer a GUI. I would keep using Lando if that is your preference.

I’d love an alternative to Lando’s locked down stuff, personally. While their integration and cloning stuff is nice, as someone who uses docker already, I find their ecosystem limiting, especially if you need/want to use XDebug.

I’m excited about this! Downloaded and syncing my first site now. I’m especially looking forward to see how well it works with multidevs.

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Does anyone know if there is a planned Windows release?

Laravel Valet is a great choice for local development. The stack is practically identical to Pantheon’s. It’s blazing fast too! I’ve been using it for local WP development without any problems that weren’t caused by me for over two years.

GitHub repo and documentation site.

There is also Valet Plus.

If anybody has any questions about Valet let me know!