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Pantheon + Google Cloud Platform = ♥️

Hey, y’all!

So excited to announce that Pantheon has joined the Google Cloud Marketplace. This partnership will provide marketing leaders with an easy path to move their legacy web strategies to our modern WebOps platform.

@dts said it best:

“Google Cloud enables Pantheon to be one of the most accessible, flexible, and leading WebOps platforms available. By making Pantheon accessible on Google Cloud, more users will have access to our operational benefits with the added reliability of cloud infrastructure. This exciting combination of flexibility and security empowers web teams to perform even more optimally and deliver unique business value.”

High five

No new contracts!
One of the major upsides to this announcement is eliminating the need to sign new contracts for customers already using the GCP Marketplace. Now customers can streamline their billing process and spend their valuable time driving results with their website(s) using the Pantheon WebOps platform.

Visit Pantheon on the GCP Marketplace. Or read more about the partnership.