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Pantheon Fun at WCUS!

Whoa, where does the time go? It’s been two weeks since WCUS! :raised_hands: My very first large WordCamp I might add! And I am a tad late but hey, it’s worth sharing!

In addition to learning a lot, I had the opportunity to meet some of our beloved #PantheonHeroes in person [insert cheering]! :pantheon: To say I had fun would be an understatement! Here are some of my favorite photos from WCUS this year!

Big shout out to @rzen for lending his time & awesome photography skills! And of course hats off to @birgit.pauli, @david.needham & the rest of the organizing team for a job well done (you know who you are) :clap:

@rvtraveller @dinarcon @tessak22 @carlalexander @sandy @michele feel free to share some of your favorite moments below too!

:camera_flash: : @steve.persch @doug_pantheon @phil.tyler & :raising_hand_woman:

:camera_flash: : @rvtraveller @ataylorme @steve.persch

:camera_flash: : @phil.tyler & @david.needham

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I was so happy to meet you too @McKennaR!!!

My favorite was getting to see my daughter speak at her very first WordCamp along with the other very talented young women who were on the future of WordPress panel.

My2nd favorite event was the KidsCamp! It turned out great for the first ever WCUS KidsCamp (finally! 3 years in the making).

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Awww that is AMAZING! I didn’t know she spoke at WordCamp! How did I miss this?! Such a bright little girl–you must have been so proud :slightly_smiling_face:

I definitely want to get more involved in KidsCamps! I used to work at a daycare (many moons ago) but honestly I loved that job. Working with kiddos is the best! Maybe you can walk me through what one of those looks like sometime!