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Pantheon & DocsThursday

My good friend Ricardo Feliciano has created an amazing new initiative that we’re excited about, Docs Thursday. It’s a time for us to consider the open-source documentation we use and love, and see how we can contribute to improving it.

My road to becoming a technical writer can be boiled down to two facts:

  1. I love open source software.

  2. I’m not very adept at coding.

These two points seem to conflict with each other since so many great OSS (open source software) projects are lacking in documentation. Many are written with a higher expectation of prerequisite knowledge than I had when I began my journey.

I’d like to see a world where the projects I use are documented for the beginner. I’d like to see project maintainers ask themselves “If this tool is someone’s first attempt at using something like this, what do they need to know to hit the ground running?”

It’s for these reasons that I’ll be spending the third Thursday of next month, and the months thereafter, giving back to the tools I use and love. I hope you’ll do the same.

<promotion class="shameless self"> and if you love Pantheon, consider spending next Thursday looking at some of our docs issues labeled Help Wanted, to see if you can contribute your expertise to help others.</promotion>


Tomorrow is DocsThursday, our first since signing on to the initiative!

For anyone interested in contributing to our docs, here are all the issues in our docs that are currently tagged as Help Wanted.

But DocsThursday is about helping docs wherever we can. I encourage you to set some time tomorrow to look at any OSS project that needs docs help. Feel free to use this thread to talk to me if you want some advice from a technical writer on how you can help your favorite project improve their docs.

I’ll also be holding DocsThursday Office Hours tomorrow from 1 to 4 PM Central Time via a Zoom meeting for anyone who wants to talk directly to me for docs writing advice.

Happy Writing!


It’s Docs Thursday again! I’m prepping for the Write The Docs conference next week, and don’t have any OSS projects on my radar (outside of Pantheon), so let met ask y’all: What open source project needs help with their documentation?

P.S. My Docs Thursday Office Hours are once again open, if you want to ask a tech write about contributing to documentation.