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Pantheon and Branch Continuous Integration

Hello Pantheon Users!

I have been working with Peter Suhm, of WP Pusher fame, on a Pantheon integration for Branch, his new Continuous Integration service.

Pantheon/Branch Demo

You can view a quick demo video of the Pantheon/Branch integration here.

Why Use Branch?

You might be thinking why would I want to use Branch? Here is my take:

  • Branch is built for WordPress and is great for pushing from an external Git provider to Pantheon
  • The Pantheon integration is turn-key, only requiring a machine token to set up
    • Deploying GitHub pull requests to a new multidev on Pantheon can be set up for a project in minutes!
  • Branch is UI based and makes setting up automated workflows as easy - no need to write complex yaml configuration files
  • Select only the step you need
    • Have one project that needs a Composer build step and another that should deploy to Pantheon as-is? No problem
  • Branch supports GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket
    • Build Tools supports GitHub and GitLab but BitBucket work is still in progress
    • The Pantheon orb only supports GitHub and BitBucket (CircleCI does not support GitLab)

Sign Up Details

If you would like to sign up for Branch, you can do so at

The ?code=PANTHEON bit is important as it will give you 250 free builds, instead of the standard 50 for new users, as well as activate the Pantheon integration.

As this is a new service, Peter is looking for feedback on Branch. As you use Branch, you can reach out to Peter for help or feedback using the chat interface in the Branch dashboard. You may also leave feedback on this post.

Happy automating!

Andrew Taylor
Lead Developer Programs Engineer

I did a demo with Peter on this product and I was super impressed! In fact, I think it would be awesome to do a lunch and learn where I have office space to cover this topic. Would love to work with Pantheon on setting this up.

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That sounds like an awesome idea, @evilalex! I’d definitely be up for that.

Count me in too to join from the Pantheon side if needed. Now the hard part - finding a date/time that works for all 3 of us!

If and when this has functionality for Drupal , I’d love to take a look.

Thank you!

Hi @duran,
The Branch integration filters for WordPress sites. To use Branch with Drupal you will need to 1) manually add the Branch SSH key to Pantheon and 2) add Pantheon environment variables to Branch:

  • PANTHEON_GIT_URL => the git SSH url for the Pantheon repo

  • TERMINUS_SITE => the machine name or UUID of the Pantheon site

  • TERMINUS_TOKEN => a Terminus machine token with access to the site

I was able to do these steps in about 5 minutes after using the Example Drops 8 Composer template.

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Hey @duran

The site list no longer filters out Drupal sites so you should be able to set up a Drupal site just as easily as a WP site now :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Awesome! I will give this a shot!