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Pantheon Acquires StagingPilot

A Winning Team Delivering WebOps Automation

Pantheon has acquired StagingPilot, a WebOps tooling service that automates over two million test steps a month that would otherwise be done by humans. We’re thrilled to integrate and extend this service to give web teams even more time to focus on driving results. We can’t wait to get to work integrating this amazing capability into the Pantheon stack.

You can read more about this acquisition in @joshkoenig’s blog post:

I am personally REALLY excited about this acquisition. It’s an amazing product and a great team behind it.


Thanks for posting here @tessak22 I can’t wait to hear from the community about how Staging Pilot might improve their lives.

Stagingpilot’s website isn’t accepting new registrations at the moment …
When can I get my grubby paws on a login to give this a spin?

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