Holiday Gift Guide

Hey there! I am on the editorial team for and I am working on a crowdsourced article for our end of the year programming.

Here is the prompt:
It’s the time of year when we start putting together an Open Source Holiday gift guide for our readers. Remember, many holidays are celebrated this time of year, and we are open to gift recommendations of all types.

What open source gifts do you recommend? You can be creative with books, toys, tech gadgets, tutorials, and subscriptions!

Some guides from years past

Holiday gift guide: Books for the learner, explorer, or tinkerer on your list

Tech gadget gift guide, new Raspberry Pi, Linux on the desktop, and more news

10 holiday gift ideas for open source enthusiasts

Free free to DM me or post your gift ideas in the thread.
Have a fantastic week!

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Thanks for sharing, AmyJune!!! :raised_hands: Just shared this internally as well, so Pantheors can make sure to chime in! When do you need recs by?

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Mid November.

Thanks so much @vee.vopham

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