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Oh hiiii everyone, I'm Atoosa!

Hey community friends and fam!

My name is Atoosa Campbell and I’m coming to you live from the best city in the world, San Francisco :bridge_at_night: I’ve been running events at Pantheon for the last 6 years (yes 6 years, even met my husband here!) , so if you’ve ever been to a DrupalCon chances are we’re already best friends :slight_smile:

:shallow_pan_of_food:What is life without food?
When I’m not living my best Pantheor life chances are I’m doing something that relates to food :spaghetti:. I’m either eating, cooking, thinking about what I’m eating next, or coming up with fun recipes. Oh, I also love talking about food so feel free to chat with me anytime about :taco: :hamburger: :pizza:

:airplane: Catch Me If You Can
Travel is definitely my other hobby. I love learning about new cultures, experiencing new spaces, and of course eating my way through a country. Though I think my favorite thing to do is fine a cafe in whatever city I’m in, order a cup of :coffee: or :wine_glass:, and read the day away,

The last few years I’ve gotten to travel a lot so if you need any recommendations don’t hesitate to ask! See below for some of my adventures!

  • France :fr: (my favorite!)
  • Ireland :ireland: (2nd favorite!) :stew:
  • Colombia :colombia: (Tied for 2nd favorite!)
  • Italy :it:
  • Spain :es:
  • Scotland :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  • England :uk:
  • Austria :austria:
  • Belgium :belgium:
  • Morocco :morocco:
  • Cuba :cuba:
  • Poland :poland:
  • Monaco :monaco:
  • Amsterdam :netherlands:
  • Mexico :mexico:

Excited to be here and meet you all :hugs:


Hi @atoosacampbell, nice to meet you!

Of all the things you’ve eaten over the years, what has been your favorite? How about at a DrupalCon?

Hey @rvtraveller! You know I get asked that question a lot but theres no one dish I can think of. Theres a cafe in paris where I sit outside and get escargot (im just there for the butter and garlic), a duck confit salad, and creme brulee. Theres also a tinyyyy little restaurant in dublin called Vintage Kitchen that serves the best seafood chowder and is run by amazing people. The most fancy and delicious meal though was in Medellín at El Cielo. So I guess those three :slight_smile:

As for food at a DrupalCon… its a tie between eating Franklins BBQ at the Pantheon booth in Austin OR any meal I had in New Orleans (Peche being one of the best).

How about you friend?!

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This is making my heart so happy! :yellow_heart:

I must admit, your cooking skills are out of this world! I spend hours watching Guys Grocery Games, but then when I am in my own kitchen it’s like, hey can someone pass the Ramen? :laughing: I think you have inspired me to adventure out of my norm & try some new dishes! Speaking of new dishes, what is your favorite thing to whip up? :shallow_pan_of_food:

Also, I knew we were destined to be BFFs! We definitely should plan a trip overseas ins 2020! Here are some of my favorite places–in photos, of course!



Havasupai Falls, AZ

Maui, HI

Stairway to Heaven, Ohahu, HI

Heya @atoosacampbell! Those food options sound wonderful. As with many things, the true hunt for food is really an exercise in finding the appropriate vehicles for delivering butter to someone’s mouth.

In terms of DrupalCon food… I think Austin definitely takes the cake (I’m a sucker for BBQ) but I could also get behind some of the options in NOLA (again…I have memories of BBQ places).

Outside of DrupalCon, I’ve been exposed to a number of really good restaurants recently and have taken a liking to those that have proper tasting menus where I don’t have to worry about making choices. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to eat at Victoria & Alberts in Florida and the food was fantastic!

(this was the salt for the table, in a container made of salt and with the smallest spoon we’ve ever seen!)

(They rolled this car of cheese over and let you pick whatever you want. Naturally, we picked some of everything)

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