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Office Hours notes from 2020/03/04

We had a ton of Q&A in this week’s office hours call! Click through and follow along:

  • We’re migrating a site in and would like to work with a company to use a bot and index the site. How do we allow them access to scan Dev?
    ANSWER: When you spin up a site on Pantheon you get a URL for the Dev environment automatically. This URL isn’t discoverable by search engines, but you should be able to share that URL with the company. For more information check the Docs: Bots and Indexing on Pantheon.
  • We’re planning to migrate a WordPress website and feel nervous about adding a plugin on the production environment to handle the migration for us automatically. Is it safe?
    ANSWER: Yes! People do this all the time and among the folks on the call, including folks who have worked the front line of chat support, we’ve never heard of it causing any issues.
  • Is there any way to do a migration and maintain our Git history?
    ANSWER: Yes, but that involves doing the manual migration. For more information check the Docs: Manually Migrate Sites to Pantheon.
  • Is there a way to set conditions in our settings.php file based around whether we’re in Dev, Test, or Live?
    ANSWER: Yes! We have variables available that tell you all sorts of things about where you’re at in Pantheon. For more information check the Docs: Reading Pantheon Environment Configuration.
  • What is the right way to start a new project?
    ANSWER: “It depends.” If you need Composer then you can go the Build Tools route if the extra automation and team communication is helpful. Otherwise, you can use the Composer without CI route. And if you don’t need Composer, you can just use the Pantheon Dashboard directly (or use a Custom Upstream, or use the Site Clone plugin in Terminus to clone from an existing site, etc).
  • If we don’t start a site using the Build Tools plugin can we migrate to Built Tools later?
    ANSWER: No. Build Tools automates the creation of the project in multiple places at once (Pantheon + Git repo + CI provider). You can set it up manually and accomplish the same result, but there’s no reason to “migrate” to it later.
  • Would using Build Tools limit us in any way?
    ANSWER: Build Tools makes a lot of assumptions about how the project should be set up, including that you are using Composer and developing locally. It doesn’t lock you in, but you’ll probably want to try it a few different times until you have the setup that you want to keep.
  • Drupal 7 composer seems to not work right with the composer manager module we use for Sodium halite. Any idea why that is?
    ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. None of us have used that before.
  • I’m using Redis Commander to access values saved in Redis. Should the keys be visible in plain text? It’s returning a bunch of garbled characters. Is it encrypted?
    ANSWER: We haven’t used Redis Commander, but you should be able to use Redis Command Line Tool to see keys in plain text, rather than encrypted values. For more information check the Docs: Installing Redis on Drupal or WordPress: Use the Redis Command Line Client.
  • How does Oauth2 work on Pantheon? It seems like the SimpleSAML module has some added complexities.
    ANSWER: We couldn’t answer this question, but we all agreed that SimpleSAML is indeed a pain to set up. For more information check the Docs: Using SimpleSAMLphp with Shibboleth SSO.

Bring your burning questions next week at Office Hours! See you there.

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