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Office Hours notes from 2019/09/11

Q&A from today’s office hours call:

  • My customer uses Pantheon, but I’m new and just attended the Welcome to Pantheon webinar. I can log in on Live, but not Dev. Why? ANSWER: It sounds like your WordPress account was created on the Live version of the site and Dev was never synced up. If there is no pending work in dev, it should be safe to visit the “Database/Files” tab on the sidebar in Dev and Clone the Database and Files from Live into Dev. That will sync it up so that you can log in on Dev (and also pull in all of the content and other configuration that has happened there. For more info, check out the Clone Live to Dev section of the Quick Start guide.

  • The dashboard says we have 55 upstream updates available! Should I apply those? ANSWER: Pantheon shows you “upstream updates” whenever there are updates for WordPress core and Drupal core. Once you can log in and verify that the Dev site is working normally, then you can click the button to apply upstream updates and verify that everything is still working. You can then go through the usual development workflow to deploy to Test and eventually Live.

  • How are plugin updates applied? Do I have to do it all manually or is there a way to automate it? ANSWER: A lot of people update plugins manually, but there are certainly ways to automate the process. We recently acquired StagingPilot and are working towards integrating automated updates and automated testing within the Pantheon dashboard. If you prefer to DIY your own script with CI, check out this (archived) Pantheon Example Auto Update script.

  • We’re preparing to do a big redesign Would it be better to create a new sandbox site on Pantheon? How does that work? ANSWER: If you have access to Multidev, you could certainly spin that up and work from there. If you’d prefer to create a new sandbox that would also be fine. If you wanted to start with a new sandbox is that is an exact copy of your existing site then you can use the Database/Files tab on Live to Export the Database and Files, create a new sandbox site, and use the same process to Import the Database and Files. Or, even easier, you can use the Site Clone plugin for Terminus.

  • I’m a freelancer and don’t offer ongoing maintenance to my clients. Is there a way to buy sites in bulk or have them pay for their plan? ANSWER: Yes. Partner Agencies who qualify for preferred pricing often carry the cost of Pantheon and bill their customers for ongoing maintenance and support. Alternatively, you can also invite your customer to pay for their site. You can follow these steps in the Add a Client Site to Your Organization Dashboard doc to invite the customer to pay (and still qualify for preferred pricing). Not a partner agency? No problem. You can still build a site and invite your customer to pay.

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@david.needham I really enjoy reading through these each week–I have been learning so much. Thanks for sharing!

I’m glad. Thanks for letting me know! :grinning:

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