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Office Hours notes from 2019/08/28

Q&A from yesterday’s office hours call:

  • We tried to restore a backup, but it failed. Is there any way to tell why it failed? ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. You should open chat support. They may be able to look at our internal logs to see why it failed.
  • My dashboard says that I have 3 “sandbox sites” available. What is that? ANSWER: A “sandbox site” is a site that is not yet on a paid plan. Usually, a sandbox is a site in progress that is not yet ready to be upgraded to a paid plan. There’s no charge for sandbox sites, so people sometimes think about them as disposable, and use them to run experiments before deleting them.
  • Do you have any documentation listing pros, cons, and general differences between using Acquia and Pantheon? ANSWER: There’s no documentation, but check out Pantheon vs Acquia.
  • Where can I go to reach out and talk to other people who use Pantheon professionally? ANSWER: Join the Pantheon community and talk to other people on Slack or in the forum.
  • We’re making a Drupal distribution that we plan to make available for others to use. It will be built using Composer. What’s the best way to help people get it set up on Pantheon? ANSWER: You could make an installation profile and pull it in with Composer require. Then, all of the dependencies for that profile would also get pulled in. Then just commit it all and push it up to Pantheon. Be sure to check out our docs on Composer and Composer without CI.
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