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Office Hours notes from 2019/08/07

Q&A from yesterday’s office hours call:

  1. How do you set a primary domain so that we always use HTTPS and no www? ANSWER : Redirect to a primary domain.
  2. We’re using WordPress All Import to take an XML feed from an external source. It’s timing out. Why does that happen? What is the limitation? ANSWER: Some scripts will hang and it’s in the best interest of your site to kill scripts that go too long. There are some ways around this. You’ll get longer timeout limits for things running from Terminus (as well as Drush and WP-CLI). You may also need to try batching imports to do chunks at a time. For more information, check out this doc: Timeouts on Pantheon.
  3. Multidev: how does it work? Why isn’t there a way to deploy from Multidev to Dev like there is Dev to Test? ANSWER: A Multidev environment is a Git branch with its own dedicated containers and URL. There’s no “deploy” from Multidev, but when code is ready to go you have an option to merge it. Check out our Multidev doc, as well as our Multidev FAQ. For a more contextual explanation, check out this video excerpt from our Essential Developer Training: Multidev.
  4. I have a team that needs to get up to speed on Pantheon, but they work odd hours / on vacation / don’t have time right now. How can we help get them up to speed? ANSWER: check out the self-paced Essential Developer Training guide. They should also sign up for our weekly Welcome to Pantheon webinar. If they can’t attend the webinar live, they’ll get a copy of the recording afterward.
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