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Office Hours notes from 2019/07/30

Q&A from today’s office hours call:

  1. Should you create a site with Composer before putting it on Pantheon or create the site on Pantheon first and then integrate Composer? ANSWER: The latter. You have two options, the Build Tools guide or Drupal 8 and Composer on Pantheon without Continuous Integration.
  2. Are there any pantheon specific things to know when using Composer on Pantheon? What about core updates? ANSWER: The Composer doc should have all considerations, but core updates will be on you if you’re using Composer. Upstream update notifications on the dashboard will no longer show up if you created the site with Composer. (If they are showing up and causing merge conflicts see Convert a Standard Drupal 8 Site to a Composer Managed Site.)
  3. Private folders on Pantheon servers. How does that work? ANSWER: The private folder within your repo is not web accessible. Anything you put in there is private.
  4. Using object cache for WP sites. Does anything specific need to be configured? ANSWER: All that you have to do is add the plugin/module and activate it in the Pantheon dashboard. See Installing Redis on Drupal or WordPress.
  5. A member noted that they discovered Pantheon via Lando. Another member wanted to hear more, so we talked about how awesome it is. There’s no GUI in Lando, but we do have early access to Pantheon Localdev.
  6. One member mentioned that they just attended the Weekly Pantheon Webinar and hoping to get into Terminus and Quicksilver soon. I pointed them to our self-serve Essential Developer Training guide.
  7. What’s the difference between Terminus and Drush? Where do they overlap? ANSWER: Terminus controls everything at the Pantheon level. Drush controls everything at the Drupal level. You can run Drush within Terminus, but they’re used for different things.
  8. How do you set a primary domain so that we always use HTTPS and no www? ANSWER: Redirect to a primary domain.
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