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Office Hours notes from 2019/07/17

Q&A from today’s office hours call:

  1. Trying to authenticate with SFTP, can’t because used SSO with google. ANSWER: authenticate with your ssh key.
  2. Connected to SFTP with the command line, can’t create directory in the code folder. ANSWER: Make sure you’re in Dev or Multidev, and in SFTP mode.
  3. In Drupal, anticipating 200k+ submissions on a webform (with file attachments). What should I be concerned about? ANSWER: Check out our platform considerations doc. In particular, highly populated directories become a concern when a single folder has more than 50k files in it. You may want to use tokens/variables to put files within subfolders by date or username so you don’t hit that. Also depending on the size of the files, you may hit your size limit on your plan. It may be worth upgrading the plan and considering using Amazon for file storage

This is really interesting, thanks for sharing!

  1. (Also consider installing ClamAV to scan those uploads. Just sayin’. Mom would want you to do that.)