Offer backup option for catastrophic UI/Terminus operations

Recently, we had a situation before going live where a client was doing content entry on the TEST env. We had initialized LIVE and then something made a deployment to TEST.

“Pull files and the database from the Live environment?” was checked and we lost a bunch of data because LIVE in our case was older than TEST.

For certain operations in the UI/Terminus, could Pantheon offer an option to “Create a backup before proceeding with this operation”? Or maybe that should be the default?

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Thank you for sharing your feature request with us, Joel! :pray: We meet with our Product Team monthly to surface feedback and feature requests like this that come through our community, so I will make sure to share this with the team, and if I can provide an update, I will. Thanks again! :smiley:

Thanks for taking a look!

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I second this. We had another incident where we prepared a migration to be QA’d on “test” before we run it again on the live site.
The client went to deploy something to test and that button was checked. In my opinion it’s just entirely too easy, and as neat of an option as it is I’ve literally never used it.

At the very least I think it’d be good to change the message. It could have a very clear warning in red saying that “This will delete ALL database data and files on your [test url]”, or something to that effect.

Thanks for hearing us out and thanks for your time!

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Hi, @alansherry! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, and apologies for the issues you’ve experienced. I definitely understand how that can be frustrating and how the backup option would be helpful. I’ve documented your concerns and am going to share these with the team for consideration and will be sure to share any updates, if applicable.