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Offer a way to rename a site

It’d be great if we had an option to rename a site as well as edit the site name. I know one of our sites that we had multiple attempts at getting right since we were new, ended up stuck with a name that’s not naturally something I’d use at this point, given how much we use terminus. Or another use case would be if we decide to rebrand/name a website, but the underlying Pantheon site is stuck w/ the old name.

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I agree this should be a feature. In the meantime, here are a couple of things that could help:

  • Use a variable locally so you don’t have to use the current site name with Terminus. (eg terminus connection:info $
  • Use the Terminus Site Clone plugin to make a copy of the site (and history) with a new name.

Hmm, taking that first suggestion even further, what would be neat would be to have some way to have terminus know the site from the current working directory and then just be able to specify the environment. Maybe if there’s a .lando.yml file that has a config / site setting that points to the Pantheon site name?

Agree with this idea as well. :heavy_plus_sign:

For us, the ability to rename the site slug is less important than the ability to alter the site’s label. I also feel like the ability to alter the label shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, considering that you can set that name independently from the slug during site creation in Terminus currently. (If you use the dashboard to create a site, those two items are linked together.)

site:create [options] [--] <site_name> <label> <upstream_id>

Please and thanks and we appreciate you all!