Now Announcing Our May 2022 Community Champion 🥳

Pantheon’s Community Team is thrilled to share that James Rice is our Community Champion of the Month for May 2022. :tada:

James, who spends much of his time building highly custom WordPress websites for organizations, has been awarded the Community Champion badge in our Community Forum for his unwavering support and commitment to helping others both on and offline. James can often be found in our WordPress and General Community Slack channels answering questions and sharing resources. Two recent examples of James in action on our Community Slack include when he jumped in to respond to a question posted by Frank Stallone asking for WordPress Open Graph plugin recommendations and when he responded to Aidan Foster’s question about muting the “Site Health” Critical Issue in WordPress on the Pantheon platform.

When we asked James what inspired him to do the work he does today, this is what he had to say:

This is a weird story, but in the mid-90s before cell phones were ubiquitous, pagers were all the rage, and then, the alphanumeric ones came out where you could receive text messages. I’ve always been into gadgets, so I was the first to get one. My pager company had a webpage where you could put in the person’s number and type in a message to send instead of having to actually call and transcribe the message to a human over the phone - mind-blowing I know. I taught myself HTML, viewed the source of the page, and figured out how to make my own customized page for sending a message to my pager without needing to type in my number. I’ve been making websites ever since.

James also shared about his journey with Pantheon and what he enjoys most about being a part of our community:

I’ve been a Pantheon customer for 8 years now - and a partner for much of that time. I enjoy that I don’t have to spend much time worrying that sites might be down or other problems are occurring. The support has improved over time, which has been helpful. For quick questions, the Slack workspace has been helpful for connecting with other people working on similar projects.

And when we asked James about his hidden superpower, he replied with:

Fighting over-complication. I find the simplest ways to solve difficult problems.

Well, we definitely share James’ enthusiasm for innovative technology! We’re so glad James’ passion for solving problems and collaborating with others led him to web development and Pantheon! Our community wouldn’t be the same without you, James.

From the bottom of our heart, we thank you for all you do each and every day to make our community and the open web a better place. We’re so lucky to have you as an integral part of our community and look forward to seeing all the amazing things you’ll continue to do in the future!

Everyone, please join us in congratulating James! :clap:

We also want to note that for this month, James has opted to forgo swag and instead selected a charity that we’ll be donating to on his behalf. We’ll be making a donation to the Coalition for the Homeless, which develops and implements humane, cost-effective strategies to end mass homelessness in New York City.

Your Community Team :black_heart::yellow_heart:,
@vee.vopham, @McKennaR, and @katie.richards

Interested in learning more about what it takes to become a Community Champion and all the perks that come with it? Read all about it here.

If you would like to nominate someone in our community to become the next Community Champion of the Month, take a few minutes to fill out this form.

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