Now Announcing Our March 2022 Community Champion 🥳

Pantheon’s Community Team is thrilled to share that James Wilson (@jwilson3), Technical Strategy and Senior Engineering Lead at Bluespark, is our Community Champion of the Month for March 2022. :partying_face:

James has been awarded the Community Champion badge in our Community Forum, for his unwavering support and commitment to helping others both on and offline. James can often be found in our Community Slack answering questions and sharing resources on Drupal, Pantheon, and open source. Two recent examples of James in action on our Community Slack include when he provided Jordan Leven with documentation on adding stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) to a Drupal theme and when he shared advice to the #drupal channel on taking caution when using Views data export to CSV for Drupal 7.

When we asked James what inspired him to do the work he does today, this is what he had to say:

It probably all started at a very young age with Legos and Erector sets. I get inspiration from building fun and visually interesting things, which ultimately lead me to a degree in Computer Science. Later on, I was inspired by the general good will of Drupal and open source community members to share their work, so I try to give back (either my time, or my code) whenever I can.

And when we asked James about his hidden superpower, he replied with:

An excruciating (for me and everyone) level of attention to detail.

Well, we’re definitely glad James’ interest in building things led him to web development, Drupal, and ultimately Pantheon and that we can benefit from his attention to detail! Our community wouldn’t be the same without you, James.

From the bottom of our heart, we thank you for all you do each and every day to make our community and the open web a better place. We are so lucky to have you as an integral part of our community and look forward to seeing all the amazing things you’ll continue to do in the future!

Everyone, please join us in congratulating James! :clap:

We also want to note that we typically send Community Champions swag, but James proposed making a donation on his behalf instead, which we were all for! So, starting this month and moving forward, we’ll provide Community Champions with the option of either receiving swag or having us make a $30 donation to a charity/organization of their choice. For this month, we’ll be making a donation to Vera Lyalko’s Spotfund, which will go toward supporting those impacted by the Ukrainian crisis in Kyiv.

Your Community Team :black_heart::yellow_heart:,

@vee.vopham, @McKennaR, and @katie.richards

Interested in learning more about what it takes to become a Community Champion and all the perks that come with it? Read all about it here.

If you would like to nominate someone in our community to become the next Community Champion of the Month, take a few minutes to fill out this form.