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New Doc Alert: Autopilot and Decoupled CMS

If you attended the Pantheon WebOps Summit earlier this week, you may have caught two big product announcements from Pantheon and our Documentation team is working aside the release teams to make sure you have the docs you need to use these products successfully.

First, Decoupled Bridge, will allow you to deploy WordPress or Drupal in sync with a decoupled front-end framework. You can find the documentation for Decoupled Bridge on the Decoupled Sites page of our documentation site.

The second announcement, but no less exciting than the first, was the official announcement for Autopilot, which allows users to automatically detect and apply new updates for your site’s core CMS, plugins, and themes in minutes. Documentation for Autopilot can be found on the Autopilot page of our documentation site.

Both of these pages are works in progress and more will be added as we work through the early access and testing stages.