Pantheon Community

*New* Continuous Integration (CI) & Automated Testing ⭐ themed office hours!

Next week we are kicking off our second themed Office Hours . We will be discussing Continuous Integration (CI) and Automating Testing with Pantheon :star:

Join us this Wednesday at 11 PST if you’d like to

  • listen to us chat about CI and Automated Testing and have an open ended discussion, or
  • if you’d like to ask questions about how you are using them or wanting to know if they might be a good fit for your use case

We will first run through any questions posted here and then take questions from attendees. If there aren’t any questions, we’ll just keep chatting about the topic. :smile:

If you can’t make it live, no worries! I’ll follow up with notes from the discussion so you can catch up on what you missed :v:t3: